Herbal Tea Blends


Naturally caffeine-free herbs, botanicals and/or fruits. These blends for infusions are made from selected organic dried leaves, flowers, grasses, barks, seeds, pieces of dried fruits or other botanicals that give them their unique taste and health benefits. 



Tea/Health Benefits


• ImmuneBoost/Respiratory - Actively supporting the respiratory and immune systems

• Detox/Cleansing - Cleansing and detoxifying the whole body 

•Cardio - Supporting the heart and the cardiovascular system

• Digestive - Aiding the stomach and digestive system
• Calming/Stress - Helping in achieving a more calm, relaxed state of mind and restful sleep

Tea Blends - ImmuneBoost/Respiratory, Detox, Cardio, Digestive, Calming/Stress

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